Success! SpaceX launches supercomputer toward International Space Station – CNNMoney

Success! SpaceX launches supercomputer toward International Space Station – CNNMoney

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A spacecraft is on its way to deliver one of the most high-tech payloads ever to the International Space Station.

About ten minutes after launching from Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Monday, a Dragon spacecraft separated from SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket — beginning its two-day trek through orbital space to the space station.

Cargo missions are always packed with some interesting payloads — typically several tons of experimental equipment, food and other provisions.

This mission will also deliver something the space station has never seen before: A supercomputer built by Hewlett Packard Enterprise, (HPE) dubbed the “Spaceborne Computer.”

If it works, it could be the most powerful commercial computer ever to operate in space.

Astronauts aboard the space station already have a bunch of devices you’d find at your local electronics store — including HP laptops.

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But a supercomputer is something different. It’s a much more powerful piece of hardware that can crunch massive amounts of data and send the results to other computers in just moments.

According to Mark Fernandez, the HPE engineer who is heading up this new experiment, the space-bound supercomputer will have the ability to make one trillion calculations in a single second — about 30 to 100 times more powerful than your average desktop computer.

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