8 Aerospace Companies In Chicago To Know – Built In Chicago

8 Aerospace Companies In Chicago To Know – Built In Chicago

It’s been 115 years since humans began taking flight, and since then, people have worked to travel farther, faster and safer (both in and out of the atmosphere). From parts and craft manufacturers to companies insuring those putting crafts into the air, the aerospace industry has a broad range of players. Check out these eight aerospace tech companies working to keep us flying high. 


boeing aerospace companies chicago

Founded: 1916

What they do: Boeing is the leading manufacturer of aerospace crafts and security systems. From the common commercial planes that most of us have flown in at some point, to satellites and surveillance aircrafts, the company serves both industry and the government. Founded in Seattle over a century ago, Boeing has since found a home in Chicago’s West Loop.

chicago jet group aerospace companies chicago
chicago jet group

Founded: 2003

What they do: Chicago Jet Group supplies the corporate aviation industry with charters, aircraft management, repairs, maintenance, evaluations and more. Based in Sugar Grove with additional locations in New York and Atlanta, the company’s mission is to provide the safest transportation in the air.

global aerospace companies chicago
global aerospace

Founded: 2001

What they do: Global Aerospace provides insurance and risk management solutions to the aviation and aerospace industries. Covering a wide range of risks, the