Flying high: patents in the aerospace industry – Lexology

Flying high: patents in the aerospace industry – Lexology


In order to keep up with the customer needs, the aviation industry, like any other competitive industry, needs to constantly keep innovating. The world of aviation involves a lot of research, new design ideas, technological innovation and cost-effective means to manufacture.


Air transport is the fastest and most preferred way of transportation. However, even after several decades since its invention, there are multiple possible new technologies that are capable of benefiting and boosting the said industry; making the aviation industry ripe for innovation and monetization. For example, there are a large number of inventions that are focused towards making air transportation more secure and environment friendly.

Structure focused Patents

Airbus Corporations has filed a patent for a round shaped aircraft that shall be able to accommodate more passengers than a traditional plane. Furthermore, the plane’s proposed flying wing design, is believed to increase the speed as well as fuel efficiency.

Airbus has also patented designs for a range of new double decker super-size aircraft. In its new design of aircrafts, Airbus has added more vertical height to aircraft’s fuselage and has reduced its horizontal length. It claims that the new designs would also enable fast embarking and disembarking for passengers from the aircraft.

Further, another of Airbus’ patent proposes a modular cabin into which passengers/goods can be seated/loaded prior to the arrival of the plane. Thereafter, the said loaded cabin would be attached to the plane, cutting down the time and cost it takes to prepare planes for flight. The patent document says the cabins could be modified “for transport of passengers, luggage, freight or combinations thereof.” As per Airbus’ model, airplane fuselages become trucks, pulling up at airports to get their next container of people, before taking off again.

Customer focused Patents

Airborne Wireless Network’s